My experience with David Bunn was overwhelmingly positive. Undergoing the most stressful ordeal of my life, I felt supported, well-informed, and respected by my attorney. I found Mr. Bunn to be extremely hard-working, intelligent and ethical, with a superior understanding of Family Law and the court system. A kind and thoughtful man, Mr. Bunn can be steadfast and resolute when the situation calls for it. I appreciated his modest and comfortable office, and his very able assistant. I attribute the positive outcome of my case to Mr. Bunn’s great expertise and good sense. The impact on my life can hardly be overstated. – V.N., Berkeley



I found David Bunn through a recommendation of a friend, who’d had a very difficult and lengthy mediation using another attorney, and after hiring David, was able to come to a settlement in a quick and straightforward manner. She highly recommended him to me because she thought he was able to settle things which had been dragged out for years, and saw me struggling with the same issues (having to continue to battle over non-issues simply for the sake of having something to fight about).

I also found him to be extremely helpful and professional in every way, right from the very first meeting, and similarly, after a lengthy mediation using another attorney, I gave up on that course of action and hired David. He saved me time and money, because every step of the way he was prepared and able to come to court and other meetings and have a successful outcome. I found David to be very fair and courteous to both my ex-husband and his attorney, but also was able to bring my ex-husband to a very quick and advantageous (to me) settlement. His thorough knowledge of the court system and precedents streamlined the entire process, and additionally, I found him and everyone in his office to be tremendously supportive during a difficult time.

My daughter, who was going through her late teen years at the time, later told me that she thought I had visibly relaxed and was able to focus more time and energy towards her and our home life after hiring David.

I have personally recommended David at least 7 or 8 times to friends and acquaintances, and will continue to do so. I can’t think of another attorney I would rather have represent me during such a difficult process. Simply put, David Bunn is the best! Honest, trustworthy, reliable, and calm in the face of a difficult time period in the dissolution of a marriage. – Elizabeth H., El Cerrito



I learned of Mr. Bunn from a friend, after complaining of my then semi-incompetent divorce attorney. She said his services in her difficult divorce had been stellar. I contacted Mr. Bunn and the change of legal representation went smoothly.

It was like night and day, with Mr. Bunn representing me during my divorce. He was always well prepared, legally thorough divorce attorney. While a divorce is a horror for both parties, Mr. Bunn understands that in California, it is a process to divide assets in an equitable manner, and with minor children, to determine custody and child support issues.

Mr. Bunn understands that divorce is not about revenge or who is at fault and works to assure that the process is not distracted by these emotional issues.

He was fully prepared at every court appearance, knew the law and its latest legal precedents, and negotiated well with the opposing attorney.

While my divorce was a very difficult time, his presence, extraordinary legal skills, and overall understanding were a relief from beginning to end. – Lloyd M., Berkeley


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