Divorce Resources

California has a policy of full disclosure of all financial information at divorce, including all assets, debts, income and expenses.  At the commencement of the case, each party must complete, sign and provide to the other party a Schedule of Assets and Debts (pdf) and an Income and Expense Declaration (pdf).

The requirement for completing and exchanging these documents at the commencement of the case cannot be waived.  You may want to complete first drafts of these documents by hand to provide me at our initial consultation.  This will provide me with an overview of some of the basic facts of your case.

You should not provide the final, signed version of these documents to your spouse until it has been reviewed by an attorney.  Although they are not usually filed with the court, the Schedule of Assets and Debts and the Income and Expense Declaration may be introduced as evidence at a later hearing or trial.

Schedule of Assets and Debts (pdf)

Income and Expense Declaration (pdf)



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