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Berkeley Divorce Attorney Serving Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Most family law matters are resolved through a process which combines development of the underlying facts, legal analysis, negotiation and drafting of an agreement.  A successful outcome requires excellent communication and trust between you and your attorney so that the terms of the agreement reflect your priorities.  This is my focus.

In those few instances when litigation is necessary, there is no substitute for experienced counsel and thorough preparation.  If litigation is the only available means of defending your interests and protecting your rights, I provide the skills, accessibility and experience that will enable you to litigate with confidence and integrity.

I provide exceptional legal service in all aspects of Family Law, including Divorce, Legal Separation, Property Division, Tracing of Separate Property Assets, Division of Real Property, Division of Pension and Retirement Accounts, Professional Practices and Business Interests, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements, Spousal Support, Child Support, Child Custody and Family Law Appeals.

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