Real Estate at Divorce

Berkeley Family Law Attorney for Real Property at Divorce

For many people, the family home is the most valuable marital asset.  Determining who gets the home, and at what value, is an important part of the overall resolution of the divorce.

The purchase of the home may have involved pre-marital funds, contributions from parents or other relatives, or the sale proceeds from previously owned homes.  All of the family law rules relating to community property, separate property, and the tracing of separate funds may apply to determine who gets the house and at what value.

In addition, the family home may be an important aspect of your children’s experience.  In the current economic environment, there may not be another opportunity to qualify for a loan to purchase a similar home for many years after divorce.

At our initial meeting, I can answer your questions about how the home will likely be treated at divorce.  I can also help you to think strategically about the home and how it fits into the division of property at divorce and your life after divorce.  For many people, this is one of the most important decisions they will make.  I provide the legal, financial and tax background necessary to help you make the best decision for you.

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